Think Work

Some business ideas

I am retired and have some free time on my hands but having this habit of keeping myself busy with work, this free time gets tough on me a lot of times. I have enjoyed doing a lot of jobs as hobbies, some of them would be working with old cars, bikes and cooking. Both of these are as different as north and south but I enjoyed doing any of those. I really want to do something with these skills of mine. Having them as a hoby and working on them through the years has given me a lot of experience as well.

Starting up with one of them I am looking up to ideas where I can work and make some money out of a good business idea as well. You know mixing uo work with pleasure. Working with old cars and bikes to restore them needs paience and money as well. All along I have done it for myself but I will have to find out if there are people as crazy as me buying this old stuff. I have friends who specialize in their jobs and whom I have known through my passion for these cars and bikes. The best option would be having a talk with them about my idea and we will see if something interesting comes up.

The other favorite thing of mine would be cooking. I love cooking so much that It is well known among all of my knowns, in my family and friend circle. I like experiementing with tastes and cuisines. My wife is also passionate about cooking and we both have a good time cooking. It also a time we could bond with each other. We are in the process of coming up with the food joint where we could offer some good snack options which are unique in their own way. Lets see how we go about it, it still in the planning stage, I like everything about this idea.

Job interview techniques work

Taking up a new job is not an easy task by any means, especially in recent times. There are no jobs to take up. As I mentioned in my last post, people are settling for a lot less than what are they capable of. I have worked with a few big companies before settling up for a retired life. However good we were in our work, one thing that did scare us was a job interview. I can say it with my experience that there are some job interview techniques you should master before going out to take up a job.

Talking about job interview techniques there are so many books, sites and trainers available for this topic alone that you get confused on what is to be done though a lt of them would repeat the same thing on dressing up nice and being confident. Both are good and valid points but where and how do you get confidence in yourself to face a job interview. I think you will have it naturally if you have a little bit of experience and you will seriously lack it if you are new to the industry.

A person who is taking up the interview can make it up from the face of the candidate what feelings does he or she has at the time of interview. And if he is experienced in hiring people and taking interviews he will catch the exact thing that you are trying to hide. A lot of people try to change the topic of conversation where they are not comfortable with, if instead of changing it, the candidate gives a smart and confident answer, things get in favor of him right away. So learning these small small interview techniques does matter if you want to get through right away. I wanted to write something on this as my grandson brought up the same question to me.

Education system needs more

Education systems that we are conditioned to believe in, are inadequate in getting the practical knowledge that is required to get things done efficiently. I am not taking it all as a whole but I lot of it.  Students work hard for heir grades, get their degrees and certificates and apply for jobs they want but even then they are dependents. They have to depend on the company giving them the job.

If we take it in today’s context, so many big companies are in a mess financially. There are more of a giant who has to survive any how, so the govt has to support them by pumping in money. Economy is in a bad shape. People are being kicked off from their job left and right. A few of the people I know have taken up jobs which are a far cry from what they are capable of. A person who holds an engineering degree from a good college and was working as an engineer has to settle down being an electrician.

This is what I am pointing to. No education will teach you how to tackle this situation. I am feeling bad because this was the story of my close friend and we don’t know how many similar storied are there that we don’t know about. It was the money and the time he spent on getting his degree. I just hope that things get better  and people get what they deserve but that will take some time, could be a couple of years. I know for a fact that in America, the standard of education is still quite good as compared to a lot of other countries but we really need a more practical education system.